At our centre, extracurricular activities are understood to be a natural prolongation of academic activity that although they do not constitute as part of the curricular design of the centre, they are, without a doubt, activities that promote the enrichment and personal growth of each child.


Students at CDM enjoy an intense school day that prepares them to successfully undertake their next educational stages. Each and every one of them has their own strengths and virtues, which are duly strengthened and, any weaknesses or shortcomings are addressed by their teachers and advisors. At this centre, we help you to know and accept yourself from an early age, with the double objective of improving and being happy in that process; without conformisms but rather a strong sense of inclusion and solidarity between classmates.

The characteristics of some make others grow and they have a lot to contribute to their peers in other facets in which they excel more. These mutual contributions function as a multiplying element of the daily educational labour of the teachers and staff at CDM.

However, these same characterstics in each of us is what limits the standard curricular project, so to speak, to exhaust or explore the intrinsic qualities and skills we are born with or wish to cultivate. Our dreams and our hobbies are also part of our emotional development and are also sources of sometimes hidden talents that extracurricular activities can help to discover.


At CDM, we believe that extracurricular activities should be a choice made by parents and their children, who have the invaluable opportunity during this leisure time to discover others talents that the standar educational system, due to curricular requirements, are otherwise left hidden or unattended.

The study of other languages ​​other than those contained in the curricular design, a more in-depth practice of specific sports, the cultivation of essential skills such as dramatization, or even the discovery of artistic talents at an early age offers nothing but advantages for a personalised education.

That is why, each of the workshops and extra-curricular activities that we offer has a qualified teacher that follows a syllabus and an integrated didactic methodology.
Mary Luz Arenas Casas


“The academic training is first class and the demands in the work and in the training prepare them for a future outside the school where they will be distinguished from the others. Although there are other schools where the façade is more interesting, from my own experience, the important thing is the interior. “

Lola Montero

“When we arrived at his new institute in the USA, his father and I had planned to give him some reinforcement classes to be able to adapt to the classes in English. It was not necessary: Gonzalo’s adaptation was perfect, and demonstrated the excellent level of English of our beloved school. We can not be more grateful. “

Gemma Najas

“For us it was a priority to combine a level education with a way of educating closer to the person. We did not want to build a curriculum, we wanted to educate a person. I think our daughters will always be grateful for this decision. “

Chelo Pulido

“I, as the father of the María 4 Teaching Center of my children in this school, and even now a granddaughter, and the experience has been really enriching. Each one with their own personality and qualities, have been attended and educated according to their talents “

Manuel López




CDM is a private, bilingual school located in Mairena del Aljarafe, a few minutes from the center of Seville, with facilities of more than 15,500 m², where architecture and pedagogy coincide with our philosophy of openness to the outside world.


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