Our center welcomes and receives each year with special affection to the alumni who have studied with us.


It is for us, all the professors, the staff of administration, the cooks, the people of maintenance, in short for the whole team of the teacher Center Maria, Reason of satisfaction and reunion to receive all of them with a small knot of emotion. These are people whom we have seen growing, from their earliest childhood, and who have taken their first steps in their academic and personal training in the halls of our school, in the classrooms of infantile, in the tatami of Encarnita, in the kitchen attended by their monitors , in the playground games or on the sports tracks, in the first readings in the library or in the lab practices.

There are many memories, and the emotions are hopelessly shot when they come to the one that is, forever, the home of all of them, because they come to their house.

They are an emotional heritage and witnesses of what comes after leaving these classrooms to develop the professional career. We need your experience, and your advice is always listened to carefully.

Our alumni and students also collaborate with the CDM on occasions giving lectures of professional orientation or with the always exciting meetings of promotion. We’re waiting for you all.


“Academic training is first class and the demands on work and training prepare them for a future outside the school where they will be distinguished from others. Although there are other schools where the façade is more interesting, by my own experience the important thing is the interior. “

Lola Montero

“When we arrived at his new school in the USA, his father and I were planning to put some reinforcement classes in order to adapt to the English classes. It was not necessary: the adaptation of Gonzalo was perfect, and showed the excellent level of English of our dear school. We can’t be more thankful. “

Gemma Najas

“It was a priority for us to combine a level education with a way of educating closer to the person. We didn’t want to build a curriculum, we wanted to educate a person. I think our daughters will always be grateful to us for this decision. “

Chelo Pulido

“I as the father of the teacher center Maria 4 of my children in this school, and even now a granddaughter, and experience has been really enriching. Each one with his own personality and qualities, have been cared for and educated to the extent of his talents “

Manuel López




CDM is a private, bilingual school located in Mairena del Aljarafe, a few minutes from the center of Seville, with facilities of more than 15,500 m², where architecture and pedagogy coincide with our philosophy of openness to the outside world.