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The MTC receives the second prize in the #Raeecup project

The María Teaching Center collaborates since its first edition with the #Raeecup project from AECONOVA RECYCLING.

The #RAEECUP has created a non-competitive league of companies and institutions that via their work centers join in on recycling responsibly.

AECONOVA RECYCLING intends to spread the advantages and the importance of recycling electric and electronic equipment for the environment once these become useless at the work centers as well as generate a CSR activity in companies and institutions linked to the circular economy and management of WEEE (Waste from Electrical Electronic Equipment), like increasing public awareness about the correct handling of WEEE in general.

In this way, AECONOVA RECYCLING values the importance of WEEE recycling specifically for the environment and for life in general since an appropriate treatment of such waste avoids harmful health effects as well as a negative visual impact, since once of the goals of AECONOVA RECYCLING is to deposit the waste in the corresponding locations such as the establishments adhered to the campaign.

Throughout the year the MTC gathered all of the technological waste with the help of all the families. All of the equipment was delivered to AECONOVA which was in charge of weighing it since the three schools that submitted the most waste would win a prize. 

In the photograph we can see the two MTC representatives receiving the second prize of the first edition of AECONOVA RECYCLING.

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