Our educational aims are the idea that bases the activity of the center and that has been the result of the will and experience of this educational community.


1. Educational concern will subordinate information to training and to the development of the personality of students and pupils.

2. It shall be ensured that the interests of the pupil and the pupil are those who define the criteria that will govern the performance in their training and not the interests of the parents, educators or center.

3. Special attention will be paid to the human formation of the student and the pupil based on the aspect to the desires of freedoms of the person, within the democratic principles of the coexistence and the exercise of the tolerance and the freedom, as well as the education for the Peace, cooperation and solidarity among peoples.

4. The student will receive training that will enable him to assume his duties and exercise his rights as a citizen, preparing him to participate actively and creatively in social and cultural life.

5. Openness to all currents of active pedagogy as a method that helps students build the

Knowledge through experimentation, feeling protagonists of their own learning.

6. Personalized education allows to develop capacities and competencies in each student, being of greater interest to the center what the child “is” and not what the child and the girl “knows”.

7. Attention to the diversity of students will be a priority, favouring the development of affective bonds between peers, empathy and mutual help.

8. Knowledge will be the means to achieve greater social integration, to stimulate the creative faculties and to awaken scientific-cultural desires and aspirations, in order to allow the students and the students to develop their personal autonomy in order to To develop in their own environment and prepare them to join active life and/or continuous specialized training.

9. We consider fundamental the acquisition of study habits and techniques of intellectual work, as well as scientific, technical, humanistic, historical and aesthetic knowledge.

10. Students and pupils will be educated in respect for the linguistic and cultural plurality of Spain.

11. The idea of belonging to Europe compatible with the natural inclination to feel Spanish and Andalusian citizens (or of any other autonomous community) will be promoted between the students and the pupils.

12. The knowledge and appreciation of the cultural heritage of Andalusia will be fostered, as well as the problems and needs of the Andalusian people.

13. Our educational community will enhance the use of free time in a positive and creative way.

14. We will ensure that our students learn to differentiate the consumer and advertising proposals of the media, basic and real necessities, valuing money in a fair measure.

15. In the aspect of coexistence, ideological pluralism, which implies non-discrimination for any reason, whether political, ethnic, religious or gender, will be respected.

16. The Centre is declared non-denominational, respecting the principles and practices of religious freedom.

17. The Centre is not ascribes to any political ideology.

18. Our centre favours the participation of the different sectors of the educational community.





The educational quality and the formation in the humanistic values are in the CDM above ideological considerations or elitist positions. We believe in the measure of the person and in the adaptation of the system to this dimension.



Ours is a project based on educational principles and a methodology that we begin in early childhood education and ends in high school, whose objectives and contents are worked progressively in each course.



At the Maria Teaching Centre, our founding DNA is part of the commitment of integrating the different needs of the person regardless of their intellectual level and capacities. Naturally, but with a rigorous follow-up, all the special needs of the students in these circumstances are addressed and integrated in our center.

“Academic training is first class and the demands on work and training prepare them for a future outside the school where they will be distinguished from others. Although there are other schools where the façade is more interesting, by my own experience the important thing is the interior. “

Lola Montero

“When we arrived at his new school in the USA, his father and I were planning to put some reinforcement classes in order to adapt to the English classes. It was not necessary: the adaptation of Gonzalo was perfect, and showed the excellent level of English of our dear school. We can’t be more thankful. “

Gemma Najas

“It was a priority for us to combine a level education with a way of educating closer to the person. We didn’t want to build a curriculum, we wanted to educate a person. I think our daughters will always be grateful to us for this decision. “

Chelo Pulido

“I as the father of the teacher center Maria 4 of my children in this school, and even now a granddaughter, and experience has been really enriching. Each one with his own personality and qualities, have been cared for and educated to the extent of his talents “

Manuel López




CDM is a bilingual private school located in Mairena del Aljarafe, a few minutes from the center of Seville, with facilities of more than 15,500 m², where architecture and pedagogy coincide with our philosophy of openness to the outside.