Preschool pavilion

6 classrooms. Characteristics: interior bathrooms, digital whiteboards, multimedia equipment.

Elementary school pavilion. Floors B1/A1.

12 classrooms and 4 masculine/feminine bathrooms. Characteristics: digital whiteboards, multimedia equipment.

ESO pavilion.Floors B2/A2.

8 classrooms and 4 masculine/feminine bathrooms. Characteristics: digital whiteboards, multimedia equipment.

Baccalaureate Pavilion

4 classrooms and 2 masculine/feminine bathrooms. Characteristics: digital whiteboards, multimedia equipment.


Natural Science Lab

The lab has two well-defined functions: on the one hand, for chemical experiments, and on the other, for biology practice activities in general.
For that reason we count with microscopes, binocular loupes, reactants to dye cells, indicators…; for chemistry we count with a wide range of laboratory glassware, reactants, scales, etc., and we even have supplies such as ammeters or voltmeters that also help us practice in physics.
We also have a large number of specimens that range from animal skulls to insects or reptiles as well as a large collection of minerals.

Students from first, second and third grade practice topics studied in Natural Science class and Biology; there’s also a group for Science Methodology (second year of Secondary School), with a good level of Biology, Chemistry and Physics practice experiments.

Students enjoy working at the lab a lot, since they find it interesting and intriguing. We try to encourage their eagerness for research and gaining knowledge about nature.


Chemistry lab

Located on the lower floor, it’s not only meant for the Secondary School students but, mainly, for the Baccalaureate students.

We count with fume cupboards, closets, shelves, work tables, etc.It is well equipped in terms of supplies and reactives, although we hope to expand both aspects in the following years.

Physics Lab

Located on the lower floor, it’s not only meant for the Secondary School students but, mainly, for the Baccalaureate students.




The Center of Intellectual life

It’s a fundamental key for the holistic education of the students.

A boy or girl who reads is a person with judgement and a personal vision of life.

There are many studies that demonstrate that boys and girls with reading habits often maintain an academic advantage throughout all stages..

Our library is a special spot at the school.


Theatre workshop

Destined for the drama classes that have been taught at our school practically since its foundation.

Art classroom

The art classroom is equipped with work tables for crafts, easels, modeling supports, a printing machine for engraved prints, ceramic oven, models for artistic and natural drawing, lighting for the study of volume and shade effects, supplies for audiovisual learning and all of the necessary equipment for artistic education. It also has shelves with a useful collection of books for the learning and making of projects for this subject.

Music classroom

The music classroom is equipped with instrumental equipment, stereo equipment, a musical library, briefcases for rhythm initiation…Students can practice in this classroom for Primary School music tests as well as for their own extracurricular musical education.

Technology and robotics Classroom

Destined for Secondary School technology classes and for Secondary School and Baccalaureate physics practise experiments.


Parent meetings

3 rooms for parent-teacher meetings.

Work meetings

2 rooms for work meetings.

Multi-purpose Rooms

Destined for the parent meetings that are held periodically in the beginning of the year, meetings on beginning a new school cycle , communication of academic news, etc.


Sports Pavilion

Our indoor sports pavilion was inaugurated in 1995 and is perfectly equipped for training multiple sports. It has retractable basketball and mini-basketball hoops, indoor soccer, quick step rubber flooring, a sports directive office and changing rooms.

Outdoor courts

1 basketball court, 2 mini-soccer fields, 1 indoor soccer field, an 80 metres running track and a long jump pit.

Yudo Tatami

Yudo room equipped with tatami.


Canteen 1

Canteen designated for Preschool students. Located on the lower floor of the building.

Canteen 2

Canteen designated for Elementary and Secondary School students. Located on the upper floor B0.

Teacher’s lounge

Designated as a lunch and resting area for the teaching and administration staff.


The kitchen service is self-elaborated. A good nutrition is fundamental for children and young people who are growing and a good diet directly affects their health and future well-being.


“Academic training is first class and the demands on work and training prepare them for a future outside the school where they will be distinguished from others. Although there are other schools where the façade is more interesting, by my own experience the important thing is the interior. “

Lola Montero

“When we arrived at his new school in the USA, his father and I were planning to put some reinforcement classes in order to adapt to the English classes. It was not necessary: the adaptation of Gonzalo was perfect, and showed the excellent level of English of our dear school. We can’t be more thankful. “

Gemma Najas

“It was a priority for us to combine a level education with a way of educating closer to the person. We didn’t want to build a curriculum, we wanted to educate a person. I think our daughters will always be grateful to us for this decision. “

Chelo Pulido

“I as the father of the teacher center Maria 4 of my children in this school, and even now a granddaughter, and experience has been really enriching. Each one with his own personality and qualities, have been cared for and educated to the extent of his talents “

Manuel López




CDM is a private, bilingual school located in Mairena del Aljarafe, a few minutes from the center of Seville, with facilities of more than 15,500 m², where architecture and pedagogy coincide with our philosophy of openness to the outside world.


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