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The Sevillian school MTC, with more than 40 years of history, starts the new school year with a renovated corporate image to enforce all of its eco-responsible projects.

“A responsible philosophy means many things. It implies help, respect, care, tolerance, awareness, etc. Because a sustainable world is only possible thanks to everyone’s help”. That’s how they define it from the María Teaching Center, a Sevillian school whose goal is to become a sustainable one. For that, the school works in different projects and lines of action to accomplish this goal: solidarity campaigns, recycling projects, awareness lectures, a photovoltaic plant for self-sufficiency, collaboration with sustainable companies, etc.

Just as the promotion and dedication of the school’s organic garden, we cannot forget about a very important point in this strategy: the progressive removal of plastic use at school. All of this, among many other actions that conform to this responsible philosophy, the school wants to advocate for and achieve in its totality.

“We fully rely on a socially responsible management of the school and on the Corporate Social Responsibility as a model for acting and running companies in general, where respect for the environment and the ethical principles that contribute to bettering society, to make it more just and equal, are a priority”.

Aware of the need to care for and respect the environment, the school has been involved for years in the journey to sustainability. With this, it has developed a new version of the school logo and has given a shape and face to its responsible philosophy inviting everyone who feels identified to join them. “The idea of this new version of the school’s image is to give presence and protagonism to all of the sustainable projects that are being developed at the school and to all of those that will happen throughout the year and in the future” MTC adds.

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